‘I don’t have the time. Managing my social media takes me too long.’

This is the main barrier that I hear from fellow business owners when it comes to managing their social media. Do you agree?

Now, if you are a larger business then yes, you can outsource your social media or have someone like me manage social media for you, write your SEO optimised blogs and draft and send your newsletters.

But, if you are starting out or would prefer to spend your hard-earned business cash elsewhere, then you have to find the time to do your own social media and draft content for your digital channels.

In today’s world, no one wants to spend every evening on the phone or laptop.  We are all busy with life, kids, work, trying to stay healthy and carving out some time for ourselves!

Working in social media and digital communications, I spend a lot of my time juggling clients and finding the best and most efficient way to work in order to get my client’s social media, blogs and newsletters out there.

More often than not, you don’t need to be stuck in-front of your laptop to create your social media posts, all of it can be done and organised on your phone.

So, here I am to make your life easier when it comes to managing your social media.

Here are my top 5 social media apps that you need for your social media marketing. Promise, they will make your life easier, make you feel more organised and get the job done!

1. Trello

The ultimate organisational tool for managing your social media posts

Not strictly a social media app, but an app that makes your social media a lot easier.

Trello is an organisational tool that helps you manage your social media posts. Download the app on your phone or use on your desktop, you can pop in the titles and images into a Trello card so you can plan your content, titles and images for your social media posts. Using Trello for your social media means you can see what you are posting, add in the dates and when you get that burst of inspiration for a post, you can note it in Trello so you don’t forget.

2. Snapseed

Makes your pictures stand out

If you take pictures on your phone (who doesn’t) then you can use Snapseed to edit your pictures. From adjusting the light to enhancing highlights or adding a filter, Snapseed makes the images that go with your social media posts far more professional looking.

3. Google Keep

For those I need to save that save moments

Again, not strictly a social media app but an app that makes managing your social media a lot easier. If you’ve seen some information on a website that want to read later, or something on your scrolls that has give you some inspiration then use Google Keep to save the web link to folders in your account.

It’s almost like pinning something on Pinterest but less visual. I couldn’t be without it.

4. Wordswag

For creating quick social media images

A brilliant social media app that allows you to create a quick text-based graphic, in your brand colours, download to your phone and post to your social media platforms. If you don’t have a picture or image in mind to go with your social media posts, then use Wordswag. It makes managing your social media posts so easy.

5. Otter

For taking your thoughts and creating social media posts

Otter is an amazing app for creating voice notes and turning these voice notes into a text transcript. Use otter for when you are on those walks with the dog, you have all of those ideas on brilliant social media post and know exactly what you want to say. Record your voice notes into Otter and when you get home the transcript of what have said is there ready to be edited (if you need to!). It’s a brilliant app that can makes managing your social media so easy.

There you have it, 5 social media apps that make managing your social media less of a chore and more enjoyable.

If you are stuck on what to create, or need help with any aspect of your digital communication take a look at how I can help.

Hope these 5 apps help you, enjoy!