Struggling for ideas on what to write a blog about? As a service-led business blog post ideas don’t always come to mind. Knowing what you write and how to share your expertise can bring on writer’s block. So, here I share 5 ideas on blog post titles for service-led businesses.

You don’t have a product to ‘sell’ but you do have a service i.e your expertise to share. Your audience needs to see this and one way of showing up as an expert as a service-led business is to write content i.e to blog! The 5 blog post titles I’ve outlined below will help you do that. The key to these titles is to adapt them and have fun with them. Some of the titles could be used multiple times depending on what you want to talk about. Writing your blog doesn’t need to mean pages and pages of content. The key thing is sitting down and typing or writing.

Easy to Write Blog Post Ideas for Service-Led Businesses (that will keep your content writing going for a good few months)!

1. Your Monthly Book List

This could be a mix of business-based and personal books. Everyone loves a recommendation, especially when it comes to books. Even if your audience is a fan of Reese’s book club or Richard and Judy’s book club, there is no reason why you can’t connect and share your monthly picks.

Aim of blog post: shows that you are a lifelong learner and continue your own development as an expert

2. 5 Things You Need to Consider When Doing…

Talk about an area of your expertise when writing your blog post. Examples could be could be when thinking about hiring a coach, when deciding to your yearly accounts, when deciding how to decorate your bedroom).

As a side note, starting your blog post with an odd number always attracts more views. So whether it is 5 things, 7 things, or 11 things, keep the number an odd number.

Blog post aim: to showcase your expertise in a different but engaging way.

3. Selfcare Tips From Your Perspective

Everyone is always on the look out for ways to look after themselves. Sharing your perspective as a busy business owner will allow you to share your content and reach a different audience.

Aim of blog post: allows you connect with your reader and show them the real you. Through social sharing can allow you to reach a different audience.

4. How to [Insert Topic!]

Pick an area of your expertise. Take this and draft a list-based blog. Include an odd number of points and include this in your title. Odd numbers seem to be more attractive to readers in a list-based blog. Random I know!

Aim of this blog post idea: To showcase your expertise in a quick, easy-to-read (and write) way. List-based blogs also lend themselves well to repurposing across your social media channels.

5. Top Hacks For [Insert Topic]

We are all busy, right? If you have a hack for changing your mindset, calming people down, making submitting your annual accounts easier then share it. Think about what your area of service-led expertise is. Or, your hack could be something life-related that helps you as a business owner.

Take a look at a recent ‘top hack’s’ style blog post that I recently wrote to see what I mean.

These posts can be list-based with an introduction, ending and a call to action at the end if you feel it is appropriate.

Blog post aim: Showcasing your expertise.

Things To Remember When Writing Your Blog Post

Your Blog Post Keywords

Remember when drafting your blog to think about what your primary keyword or longer keywords are. Include up to 2 more longer tail keywords in your blog to make your blog more SEO friendly.

If you offer a really niche service then think about what your audience would type into Google to find your service-led niche. Longer tail keywords work brilliantly for those that offer niche services.

Title Headlines

Your blog post headline is as important as the content. It needs to catch the attention of your reader. If you want to have fun with your headlines, then use a headline analyser to adapt the suggestions above.

Blog Post Images

Use good quality images and title these to include your keyword as appropriate.

Sharing is Caring!

Don’t forget to share your blog post across your social media channels! Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will allow you to share your direct blog post link. If you are on Instagram you can direct people to your website or even change the web address to that of your latest blog post. Blog posts and Pinterest are a match made in heaven so create some Pinterest covers and share your your blog as re-mixed pins, story pins or static pins.

Hope these blog post ideas have come in handy for all you service-led business owners! If you are having trouble writing your blog posts then you know where I am so drop me a note!

Happy writing!